Science Writing

I firmly believe that as a conservation biologist I have a responsibility to both share my knowledge with and gain knowledge from laypeople, who will ultimately decide if conservation efforts succeed. Therefore, in addition to publishing in scientific journals, I enjoy engaging with a broad audience, especially via my writing.

I welcome offers of opportunities to work as a freelance journalist. I'm particularly interested in writing articles that highlight conservation and/or restoration efforts. If you are aware of such an effort which I could help via writing an article, please reach out to me via the messaging form on the 'contact' page.

Here are articles that I've completed as a freelance writer:

Long COVID can take more than your breath away. Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, New Horizons Newsroom. 2021.

Finding Northern Indiana's Lost Marsh. Earth Island Journal. 2020.

Here are some posts I've written about my own science for a broader audience:

What do Blue Jays say. Wilson Ornithological Society. 2022.

Migrants vs residents: a difference in birdsong output. Ecology and Evolution. 2020.