Avian Monitoring

I got my start in wildlife work by doing avian point count surveys in 2011, way back when I felt like a super-hero (see below picture of me in the field, during one of my first point count jobs). Since then, I have been contracted to describe avian diversity by conducting surveys during which I detected birds by sight and sound in 9 states. I have also gained expertise in the use of autonomous recording units (ARUs) and machine learning to document bird diversity.

I'd like to offer my avian monitoring expertise for anyone interested in documenting bird diversity on their property. I'm willing to travel throughout the state of Michigan and would be glad to talk to you about your bird monitoring needs to determine how I can help. The main thing that I can offer that most companies won't is the ability to do small projects with small profit margins. At this point, I'm interested in doing bird monitoring work mainly as a way to get me into the field as my research fastens me increasingly in front of a computer screen. But I will need to make enough money to pay for gas, to contribute to an equipment fund (to by ARUs, trail cameras, etc.) which might expand my operations, and hopefully a little extra to fund camping trips.

Here are some situations that I could be of assistance with:

  • The manager at a nature preserve plans on implementing a management action. They need someone to describe bird diversity pre- and post-treatment.

  • A private landowner would like to know what bird species occur on their family farm.

  • A local land trust has the goal of buying the more biodiverse option between two parcels. They want someone to describe bird diversity at both sites before they decide which to purchase.

Please use the 'contact' page to let me know how I might be able to help you! We can talk about project details.